domingo, 23 de setembro de 2007

The African Art Scenes: Mozambique

Sérgio Santimano

no dia 1 de Outubro

em Berlim

The African Art Scenes: Mozambique
Panel in English

This panel is thought to reflect about the role of visual art in Mozambique and its function in the processes of societal transformation. In all its complexity, art worked and works as a mirror of the striving for new strategies of defining a country, tradition, identity and multiculturality. Its function as a platform for and mirror of societal discourse can be traced to the support it has received from and its presentation in national art institutions. This panel’s aim is to shed light on the art scene of Mozambique and discuss its international perception.

(in cooperation with and supported by FACE and the Gulbenkian Foundation)

Dr. Alda Costa, General Director of the Museums of Mozambique
Angela Ferrerira, Artist, Lissabon
José Fernandes-Dias, Advisor of artafrica Website, Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon
Sergio Santimano, Artist from Mozambique, Uppsala
Moderation: Sabine Vogel, Journalist, Berlin


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