sábado, 22 de dezembro de 2007

Hoje isto esteve assim


Mais logo damos notícias
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Anónimo disse...

Was a hell of a party, Joe !

Anónimo disse...


Ladies and Gentlemen,
Live from Império, and now at You Tube, Mad Dog Clarence !

Anónimo disse...

Following the above announcement of this unique worldwide premier on YouTube of Mad Dog Clarence, a very special thanks is due to Nicolai Achilov, that made from the impossible possible, on mastering and editing all the digital data available from the film took live on scene at Império-Lisbon on December, 21th, 2007, and transfer it to YouTube.

Táxi Pluvioso disse...

Mad Dog na penumbra. É melhor que nada, mas podiam ter-lhe dado uma vela. Que diabo, o homem fazia anos. Parabéns!