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Head in a cage

Brain like an orchestra

«"I would like to turn my attention now to the well-adapted, who are classified as "not ill," those who compete successfully, who dominate, possess, and conquer - in other words, those who appear to be free of anxiety, stress, and suffering. The attempt to divide people into categories of ill and not ill is doomed to failure because it does not take into account the real illness that being a victim produces. If this crucial aspect of our development is ignored, then our understanding of history must remain incomplete. Our desire to understand human history will be frustrated as long as we are not capable of recognizing the ubiquity of the stranger within, an inability that comes about because we are forced to deny the terror and pain we were once exposed to. This prevents us from recognizing our victimization and its source, with the result that obedience is perpetuated because it provides a false sense of security. If we disobey, then we are overwhelmed by feelings of guilt. ".»
A. Gruen, in 'The Need to Punish: The Political Consequences of Identifying with the Aggressor
in The Journal of Psychohistory, Vol 27, No.2, Fall 1999.
©André Masson, Surrealist mannequin 'Head in a Cage' (1938)
Laura Nadar

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Tanto combatente e estão calados há três dias? O mundo parou? Estão a cantar os Deolinda? Olhem para o Egito e lembrem-se da precariedade!