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Visions in red

Visions in red
    “Thus the paranoid imagination operates on precisely that assumption which its enemies-if they existed existed-would wish it to operate on: the assumption that simulations belong to the other side, that doubles have no reason to appear or to exist except to prevent us from seeing the original. The self-protective suspicions of paranoia are, therefore, already a defeat. […] In paranoia, the primary function of the enemy is to provide a definition of the real that makes paranoia necessary. We must therefore begin to suspect the paranoid structure itself as a device by which consciousness maintains the polarity of self and nonself, thus preserving the concept of identity. In paranoia, two Real Texts confront one another: subjective being and a world of monolithic otherness. This opposition can be broken down only if we renounce the comforting (if also dangerous) faith in locatable identities. Only then, perhaps, can the simulated doubles of paranoid vision destroy the very oppositions that they appear to support.
    L. Bersani, in ‘Pynchon, Paranoia, and Literature’ in  Representations, No. 25 (Winter, 1989), pp. 99-118

    Laura Nadar

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    Leone Rocha disse...

    Belos textos. Já sofri paranóia.