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Anti-Logic of abnormality

Anti-Logic of abnormality
"In the great repressive entities there were still real relationships of force, and therefore possibilities f struggle. In the small ones every individual is bound hand and foot by systems of relationships, influences and feelings that there is no getting to grips with, and which in any case implv other forms of 'liberation'. As i see it, the policy of community psychiatry and.psychoanalysis (and the two are now closely related) corresponds to the most sophisticated technocratic lorms of population surveillance and control. Power still seekins itself, but power that will eventually find itself. And thougt the community policy is still a failure in terrns of power - apart from the field of child psychiatry - it could quite easily make a fresh start.  What could be more perfect than a repression which needs no policemen at street corners, but works permanentlY and unobtrusively via one's work,  one's neighbours, everywhere? The sameg oesl or psychoanalysis: it is gradually getting to be everywhere - at school, at home, on television."

Félix Guattari, Anti-Psychiatry and Anti-Psychoanalysis in 'Molecular Revolution' (1984), p.48

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Laura Nadar

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