terça-feira, 19 de outubro de 2010

Let no sunrise' yellow noise / Interrupt this ground

«No matter how much we each desire recognition and require it, we are not therefore the same as the other, and not everything counts as recognition in the same way. Although I have argued that no one can recognize another simply by virtue of special psychological or critical skills and that norms condition the possibility of recognition, it still matters that we feel more properly recognized by some people than we do by others. (...)
The uniqueness of the other is exposed to me, but mine is also exposed to her. This does not mean we are the same, but only that we are bound to one another by what differentiates us, namely, our singularity. The notion of singularity is very often bound up with existential romanticism and with a claim of authenticity, but I gather that, precisely because it is without content, my singularity has some properties in common with yours and so is, to some extent, a substitutable term.»
Judith Butler in GIVING ACCOUNT OF ONESELFFordham University Press New York, 2005

© Eugene Von Bruenchenhein, Untitled (Marie, double exposure), c. 1943–1960

© Eugene Von Bruenchenhein, Untitled (Marie, double exposure), c. 1943–1960

Laura Nadar

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